GBS Cycling Safaris

With a fantastic climate, endless tracks where motor vehicles are rarely seen and a vibrant racing and recreational scene, Kenya really is a great place to cycle.

Over the last few years the number of mountain biking and road racing competitions has increased and there is now a packed annual calendar of events including multi day races, GPS adventure rides, single day cross country events, road races and triathlons.

If racing is not your thing, then there are thousands of kilometers of tracks that weave their way through savannah, forest, bush and mountains and there is nothing quite like cycling through a herd of grazing giraffe.

The bicycle is Kenya’s most popular form of transport though often looked down upon in favour of gas guzzling 4×4’s the bicycle is beginning to catch the attention of inner city office workers fed up with sitting in traffic and it is our hope and belief that one day, in the not too distant future Nairobi and other cities in Kenya will become bike friendly locations.

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