Meru National Park accommodations

Explore the complete wilderness…

Ikweta Safari Camp is about affordable Safari luxury and good value for money. At our vantage location just 2 km from the Main Gate of Meru National Park, we serve as a convenient base for exploring the complete wilderness of one of Africa’s most beautiful national parks yet one of Kenya’s least visited parks.

Meru National Park contains a variety of eco-systems – from near desert scrubland to tropical marshes and riverine zones with sizable waterways, even rain forest (Ngaya Forest). It teams with wildlife, including the famed Big Five – elephant, rhino, lion, buffalo and leopard. With over 400 bird species reported, the Park is also a birdwatchers paradise.

Getting there

Getting to Ikweta Safari Camp is a panoramic delight through some of the most scenic parts of the Kenya Highlands. There are superb vistas for many kilometers over the surrounding highlands and lowlands. On clear days there are spectacular views of Mount Kenya from both the Embu and Nyeri-Nanyuki routes. Presently, all the main highways from Nairobi to Meru and Maua are in a good condition.

Ikweta Safari Camp is situated on 20 acres of private land 2 km from the Murera Gate of Meru National Park. It is located 85 km from Meru and 348 km from Nairobi. Maua, the nearest town, is located 60 km north of Meru on the north-western slopes of the Nyambene Hills and about 35 km west of Meru National Park.

By public transport

Maua is well served by public transportation. Buses and Matatu shuttles depart at all times of the day from the neighbourhood of downtown Nairobi popularly known as “Tea Room”, off Accra Road.

Transfer from Maua to Ikweta Safari Camp can be arranged. Travel by Matatu is also possible.

By private vehicle

Meru is accessible along the Mount Kenya ringroad; from the south, around the east side via Embu; from the north-west, around the west and north side of the mountain, via Nyeri and Nanyuki. Maua is to the north-east of Meru.

On the C91 Highway to Maua, the turnoff to Meru National Park is after Maili Tatu market centre, at a place popularly known as “Farm”, and is well-signposted, as is Ikweta Safari Camp.

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